McGuffey Primer: Lessons 3 and 4

Lesson 3

couple weird kids

Aya oi Ana! Ae uolale Aya ie tiviki! Ae kuikiki tiviki ti Ana, ule ala ka inu i Ana! Ae Ana i kavikavi!

Aya and Ana! Aya hides the rat! The rat doesn't interest Ana, because he has two sticks! Ana's a big boy!

Lesson 4

some old dude and this kid

Pataki oi fupo'o! Ae li pataki ie inu livupo'o! Ae lalau fupo'o i leya, ae pato ie pataki! Ae nemile pataki! A ha'a fupo'o!

A boy and an old man! The boy takes the old man's stick! The old man throws a rock, and it hits the boy! The boy dies! The old man laughs!

Is the boy really dead?!

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